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Hello hello all!  I thought it was long overdue that I write a piece on my favorite vegan place. As you can tell, these photos are from awhile back and I haven't quite been able to visit since.

I remember the first time I ever went to Temple of Seitan, I dragged my very carnivorous pal along  and I didn't think that they would end up enjoying their 'chicken' burger. But hey, they enjoyed every single bite of it (minus the lettuce which they kept describing as 'grass' but we'll get them to eat their greens soon enough). I try to eat as vegan as possible and highly rate Temple of Seitan and so do a lot of people. It is a common sight to see queues longer than the River Nile outside their establishment. I have been however blessed on each occasion where I have been and there was no line whatsoever.

My firm favourites every time I have been are the mac and cheese and the chicken burger (which I now understand you can get cheese on).

Let me start with the mac and cheese. Raise your hands if you have been offended by some form of a vegan cheese. That's probably a lot of people, maybe even a whole classroom full of people. Vegan cheese is so hard to perfect and good vegan cheese that you enjoy the taste of is super rare to come by. That means the chances of having a good mac and cheese that is vegan whilst out is also super rare. However, wow. I can't even express how good their mac and cheese is. It's so perfect, it's creamy and cheesey just like Kraft mac and cheese but with no dairy in it at all. I cannot fault this at all and the portion is just right for when you are extra hungry.

The chicken burger is brilliant, it has vegan mayonnaise in it, lettuce, 'bacon' and a chicken patty. All the things you could ever dream of. The chicken patty is delicious and has a great meaty bite to it and is very flavoursome. I throughly enjoyed this, but as it is made out of wheat gluten 'seitan' it is not ideal for those who have a gluten intolerance. They even stock dough society donuts and cakes too, which are incredibly yummy!

There is honestly very little to dislike about Temple of Seitan, however, I must say I am not too keen on the coleslaw. I thought the portion was too big and it would be more ideal as something you could share! I felt the same about the fries as well! They were truly just a huge portion that I could not finish. It would be great to have other size options for people like me who can't hack eating both the fries and the burger. Overall, I rate Temple of Seitan a solid 10/10 and I am excited to head back soon to try their 'BBQ Wings'.

Have you tried any great vegan restaurants? Comment below and let me know!

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