Beauty: £1 Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave in Spray and argan oil.

by - 23:05

Hello everyone, I've got something different today.  Today I'm back at posting about hair care products which is something I don't think I have done in a very long time. 

Both the argan oil and the argan oil leave in heat defence spray are both something I found in poundland so they are dead cheap. Although these are both cheap, the quality certainly does not reflect their price. I felt that they were pretty decent, especially for how cheap they were! The oil itself is perfect for using as a hair mask. However, you need to be careful with how much you use as the formula itself is quite thick and it can be quite hard to wash out. I generally use this when my hair is having a bad day and goes a bit frizzy.  I bleached my hair two years ago and severely damaged it to the point that I had to cut most of it off. The problem was that I couldn't cut all of it off or I would have no hair left, so the ends of my hair are the remaining bits of damaged hair that fluff up from time to time and look dead. When this happens, this argan oil literally saves it. 

The heat defence spray too is meant to help protect your hair from when you style with heat. I  personally rarely actually style with heat and I'm a bit fan of just letting my hair dry naturally when I am not running out the door for work. However, I do think it works when I do use it,  as it makes my hair feel a lot healthier than it does if I blowdry it on it's own. To be honest, this spray smells so so good I sometimes just spray it in my hair anyways. I definitely recommend these and I'm so impressed with quality of these so I'm definitely going to by these again.

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