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Hello, today I have a post about the  Boom! Toothy tabs that loads of my friends had been raving on about to me.  I picked this up when I was in Lush anyways just as I was in there to actually only buy some shampoo. I saw the bottles of these by the cashier and thought I had to try at least one of their toothy tabs. The tablets come in bottles of 100s and last absolutely ages even if you brush your teeth multiple times a day like I do. The beauty of having  toothpaste in this form is also the fact that you don't need to worry about how much tooth paste you are using as one tablet is enough for each time you brush your teeth. They are also so so handy for if you travel a lot as actual toothpaste is firstly super messy if it spills and you can bring these onboard a flight with you as they aren't liquid and you don't have to bag these up.

The tablets are suitable for vegans and like all other products in lush, this is cruelty free. The bottle is also sustainable in the sense that it is made from 100% recycled plastic and also  recyclable so they pretty environmentally friendly. 

The particular flavour I got has charcoal extract in it which helps clean plaque from teeth which is an alternative to mircoplastics that are harmful to sea-life. The charcoal also helps promote the whitening of teeth. What I couldn't get used to was the fact that these particular tablets do not have a the traditional 'minty' taste that most toothpastes do. Instead this has a cola taste to it, so if you are looking for something that is more traditional you're better off getting something else in this range.

The boom toothy tabs retail for £5.95

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  1. I have never heard of these before, but they sound amazing and look amazing haha do they actually work like toothpaste? - great post btw :)
    Samantha xx |

    1. Hello! Thanks! ah yes so you basically chew on the tablet and it forms a paste! My teeth feel as clean as they do using colgate or aquafresh, it just takes awhile to get used to as it isn't minty! It does however keep the plaque away with out the use of micro plastics which are pollutants in the ocean and harm aquatic life! There are loads of different flavours but for what I wanted the sales lady advised me to get these! I really love this product and I'm now probably on my last 20 so I'm going to be repurchasing this soon!

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