Beauty: Lush T'EO Deodorant

by - 21:18

Hi everyone,  today I am reviewing another product that I picked up on my mini Lush haul that I went on last month. I have for long wanted to buy a natural deodorant as normal deodorants that you buy in the drug store aren't actually that great for you. 

I initially had browsed this range on the Lush website and had originally wanted to buy another deodorant from their store. However, when I went to the Oxford Street store, I picked it up and didn't think it had a strong enough scent and decided against purchasing that particular deodorant. Instead I picked this up as it had a lovely citrus scent to it that I adored. Furthermore, the lady serving in the store told me that this would be perfect for me as I have used roll on deodorants in the past. She also stated that once I was used to this one I should have a go trying out the ones that that they have in a powder form.

This deodorant is pretty much solid powder with a blue wax base. The powder itself contains absorbent fresh green grapes, juniper and citrus oils. At first using this deodorant, I was very satisfied that I was using a natural product that smelt great and did the job. However, after awhile, I started getting rashes and burns on my arm pits and it would sting every time I applied this product.  Due to this, I had to immediately stop using this product. I don't think it is so much the fault of the product but rather the fact that my skin is super sensitive and doesn't agree with quite a few products and this just eventually became one of those for me. 

For those who do not have sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend this as when it worked for me before my skin decided to hate me! 

Looking forward to trying more from their range soon. What's your favorite natural product? Have you tried anything from their range?

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