Food: Chilli Daddy, Bristol

by - 20:26

Hello, today I'm covering a restaurant that isn't in based in London.  I recently went back to Bristol and met up with my cousins who wanted to take me to their favourite place to get noodles. Chilli Daddy have both a food stall in Bristol and an actual restaurant where you can get your fix of noodles/Szechuan classics  every day.  On this occasion, we went straight for the restaurant. All three of us ordered the spicy tofu noodles on maximum heat. However, as someone who likes spicy food, I dumped a ton of chilli sauce in here on top of this. The noodles were amazing, completely filling which was no surprise as the portions were humongous. The tofu too is cut into chunky sizes and have that nice fluffy texture that you get when you fry tofu. None of that solid silken mess that I don't like. If you're allergic to peanuts, you might want inform them when you are making your order as this comes topped with them. Additionally, if you know me well enough you know that I am not a massive fan of coriander and this has coriander in it. But you know what? The broth actually cancelled out the taste of coriander and made this super yummy so I didn't even pick it out. Overall, I really enjoyed our meal at Chilli Daddy, the food is tasty, the staff are very friendly and there is something for everyone no matter what your diet is.

Do you have any all time favourite restaurants in Bristol? Let me know!

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