Food: Stag Coffee, Cardiff.

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Hello, I'm back again with yet another dated post... I'm slowly working through my drafts and I have about 12 more of these to go through and publish. But I find it difficult to find the time to do so with work and everything. But hey, I am really trying and what matters is that I eventually get round to it! 

 This one is from when I went to visit Hobson and his boyfriend in Cardiff. We hit up Stag Coffee for a hungover brunch in a hurry before I got on my megabus back home to London. Originally I wanted to go to this vegan restaurant called Anna Loka but it was a bit to far away. I know that Stag Coffee was somewhere that a lot of my friends would go to have food or a coffee. I have no idea how I have never ever been to their cafe seeing as I used to only live around the corner from them. The cafe itself is very cozy on the inside and even has a small and cute garden out back which is perfect for the summer and is where we decided to sit.

 Anyways moving on to what we actually ate. Hobson and Tom both got English breakfast (which they really enjoyed) and I got a Veggie Mexican Burger which was absolutely delicious. The patty was made out of Mexican beans, tomato and sweetcorn mixed in with cream cheese encased in a rice and pepper crumb coating and topped with creamy guac and fiery salsa.

 Though I am not at all a fan of bean patties, this was absolutely delicious and with the fries they make a fine hangover cure. Furthermore, the service at the cafe was fabulous and the staff are chatty and friendly. The outdoors garden is beautiful but I can see it as somewhere that would easily get packed during the term time. 

If you're ever in Cardiff I definitely recommend giving this a try.

What's your favorite place to eat in Cardiff?

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