Food: Vegan Burgers from The Gallery Cafe

by - 16:24

Hello guys, today I'm posting about the time me and Rae went to the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green.  We initially only decided to go to sit and do some blog type admin on our macs for our blogs and have some coffee. However, we were so hungry when we got there we decided that we should try out some of the food. 

We both wanted burgers so we got the classic vegan burger. If you didn't know, the gallery cafe's menu is completely vegan, so there is something for everyone here. The burger itself costs £9 and contains patties on a sourdough bun with vegan mayonnaise and gherkins. The relish is made from dates and ginger and there is also vegan cheese in this and a side of salad. I'm quite sure I ordered the fries separately, because what is a burger without fries?

Honestly, I thought that this burger was really tasty and it was quite filling seeing as there was a lot in the burger and there were sides as well. I wasn't a big fan of the vegan cheese which is understandable because not a lot of vegan cheese is at all that tasty.  I'm not too sure what cheese this was but I'm guessing it was the violife one as it had the same texture. The best bit? The patty was not dry and hard to eat as it didn't crumble. Yes, that and the fact that I love gherkin's so I also ate Rae's as she didn't want hers.

What's your favorite vegan place to eat?

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