Beauty: Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar

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Just to break up the amount of food posts I have going on my blog currently here's my review of Lush's Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar. I actually got this as part of my Lush mini haul I did awhile back that I said I would blog about. I waited however to finish the whole bar ( which took a few months) before I posted anything about what I thought about it. 

Initially, I actually wanted to make an online order but there were so many mixed reviews with regards to this particular bar and how it smelt I decided it would be most sensible for me to get it in the store. I waited till almost closing time so that I didn't have to battle the huge crowds.

Whilst this did smell like rose jam, I do feel as though everything everyone online had been saying about the smell was not what I expected? It certainly was not offensive, yes It was a bit sweet, but the smell is perfectly balanced out with musty undertones.

Unlike the soak and float shampoo of theirs which I have previously also tested, this didn't have little bits in it so I didn't have to comb anything out of my hair at all. This also didn't dry my hair out like the soak and float shampoo occasionally did instead this really nourished my hair thanks to the added Argan oil in it. Therefore I strongly advise using this after you have used any sort of oil in your hair because this shampoo will not wash it out!  I once soaked my hair in an oil mask and tried to wash it out with this but the grease wouldn't go. I therefore strongly advise that if you do soak your hair in oil you will be a lot better off trying to get it out with other shampoo.

Whilst the shampoo claims to balance the scalp out with oil, my scalp still gets a bit dry but that's mainly to do the fact that I have really crap skin.

Overall however, I feel like my hair is super healthy when I use this. I definitely recommend trying this or any other of their shampoo bars. They're super gentle and great for travelling.

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