Food: Club Mexicana, Hawker House

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Hello everyone, just got a quick post for you all today. Yet again another one that has been sat in my queue for ages.  Apologies for the poor quality photos, I only had my iPhone on me when I went and the venue was very very dark. This particular one is from when I went to Club Mexicana at Hawker House in Canada Water.  I know that there is a small fee to get into the venue after a certain time, but I can't remember how much it was or what time it begins from. I chose the carne asado tacos and the jackfruit tacos and topped it off with an order of their beer battered cheeze fries. The tacos were amazing, both had a meaty bite to them without involving any meat and the cheeze fries were incredible even once they cooled down. Vegan Cheese can be quite temperamental in that sometimes it tastes off once they get a bit colder. This over tasted incredible, the coating was crispy and delicious and the cheese was creamy but stringy at the same time. Even, my friends loved their beer battered cheese fries. One of the people in my group actually questioned the amount of food I had ordered which I thought was ridiculous considering the fact I wanted to try the menu out and had been super hungry. Keep in mind that you should never listen to what other people think about your food choices. Make informed decisions based on what you know is right for you and listen to your body. 
I definitely recommend trying their food out when you get the chance. It's all vegan and a perfect excuse to get that 'junk' food in. Who says vegans just eat leaves hey.  
Club Mexicana have regular spots in Hackney at the vegan markets, Kerb Camden, Hawker house, Dinerama in Shoreditch and Pamela in Dalston. They also make regular appliances at the festivals as well and every time I see them I make my friends come with me to get a taco or nine. My new favourite from them is the pulled jackfruit burger of theirs that I had for the first time at Glastonbury festival this summer.
Have you tried their tacos? They're great aren't they!

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