Food & Coffee: Palm Vaults, Hackney

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Hey guys! If you have me on instagram you will fully know that I love Palm Vaults so so much. It is probably my favourite cafe in the whole wide world. I can't even remember where I found out about this from at all but I love it so much that I told everyone about Palm Vaults at work. In turn my colleagues friends and friends of friends have all gone and keep going back. Gotta really rinse that power of the #wordofmouth you know. On some weekends, there is a massive line out front for a table. However if you just want takeaway, it is usually super easy to just get served asap.
The first thing you notice when you walk in is the fact that there are so many succulents lined up against the wall.  It's honestly any minimalists or hipster's dream.

Moving further into the cafe there are a ton of hanging plants that make this the ultimate Instagram worthy cafe to hit up. I kind of wish I could get away with this many hanging plats in my flat without my housemate actually evicting me. Even the tables themselves are super duper trendy, they are all pink marble and the even the napkins are pink and the plates are unique and cute.

The first time I went, I got  the avocado chocolate cake which was vegan. It had one of those fruits on top of them (help a girl out I don't know what they are called) and a red velvet latte with almond milk. My friend on the other hand got the non-vegan cake option but I can't exactly remember what it was. They also got a red velvet latte but with soy milk instead.

The review? Honestly the best cake I have ever had. So creamy and the chocolate was not overly sweet or sickening. The latte although small tasted incredible. I fully fully loved my first trip to palm vaults and went back I got the exact same cake ( prayed very hard that they had it and I nabbed the last slice) #blessedasfuck.

Whilst I was in there, I also noticed that they did some pretty amazing food options such as acai bowls amongst many other things. I definitely need to pop by their cafe at some point to give those a try as they look so damn pretty.

I also understand that Palm now do a cake ordering service where you can order cakes from them for your events and occasions. Definitely going to get that done next birthday. I also hear that if you don't wanna go out of your way to Hackney Central, there is a Palm Vaults installation in Fiorucci in Soho on Brewer street. Their installation there it seems has a few items that you cannot get in their Hackney store as well that I have seen floating about on instagram.

Palm Vaults is located at 411 Mare St, E8 1HY.

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