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Hello, here's another gem. The first vegan restaurant I dragged my good friend Eva to was Sanctuary in Fulham.  Admittedly from where we were it was a bit of a pain to get to but once you are at Fulham Broadway tube, it is very easy to get to as it is only a short walk away.

Inside the cafe, it is quite dimly lit but very atmospheric. On one wall there is a plaque that says 'No Cow's Titty Milk here' which I thought was quite humorous.

Ordering was very quick and Eva got the Mushroom Croquetas which was actually a side and some Kale Chips. The Croqueta's cost £6 and came with a side of garlic 'mayo'. I don't think Eva knew what she was in for when she ordered kale chips as I think she thought they would be more like the traditional chips kind of thing. I however knew that Kale chips would just entail baked kale with a drizzle of oil and salt. Nonetheless, Eva enjoyed the Croquetas but gave me the mayo as she doesn't even like non-vegan mayo in the first place.

I on the other hand decided that I wanted to get the Hippo Rampage burger as I am a massive sucker for a good burger or nine. Anyways, the burger was essentially a vegan beef style cheezeburger with vegan bacon, lettuce, tomato and caramelised onions and cucumber pickles. The burger also had guacamole in it.  You can choose between either a wholemeal bun or pretzel bun. If you are a coeliac, they also do a gluten free bun.  Alongside the huge burger, I also got fries that came with it and a side salad. I can't remember if the salad came with my burger or if that was an add on though.

I was very impressed by the burger itself and the pretzel bun was so tasty. I've never had a pretzel bun before so having this was such a treat. I definitely recommend getting the the pretzel bun, especially if you haven't tried it. The patty was tasty although I am not exactly sure what it was made out of. The cheeze however, wasn't the best of vegan cheeses. As I have said before, vegan cheese is extremely hit and miss. Sometimes it can be incredible and sometimes it can be AFWUL. This however, tasted ok, like I didn't have a strong feeling either way on this one. It just wasn't the best. The bacon was good, but once again I have had better vegan bacons. Overall, I did think that the meal was absolutely delightful. There was a solid variety of different dishes from pasta to salads on the menu, there are even cakes and milkshakes for those who are able make it that far! I always get full very easily so I never manage to get a milkshake, cake or anything else when eat out.

Anyways, highly recommend Sanctuary, and I absolutely hope to head back soon.

Until next time.

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