Food: Vegan Nights Volume 2

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Hello everyone! Another very exciting post from me here. I didn't even wait that long to post it this time unlike many of my other posts. Anyways, so last Thursday Vyvy and I headed down to the second run of the Vegan Nights market at Boiler House in Brick Lane. We had originally been to the first run of these nights and we were very impressed by not only food but also the atmosphere there was at the time.  The last time we went Vyvy actually didn't intend on even buying any food as in her words 'There is nothing for me here, everything's vegan' which was rather funny. In the end she bought what she described to be the best Mac and 'cheese' she had ever had.

So we decided that we had to go again...
Although this time we stupidly arrived a bit later due to reasons beyond our control.  The queue to get in was yes very very long at 6pm but we only had to wait about 20 minutes to get into boiler house after a bag check. I overheard around the venue later in the night that at 8pm-ish the line basically an hours wait so I really hope everyone who wanted to go was able to make it in.

We walked around the venue maybe four to five times looking for what we wanted to eat. There was so much choice, it was very hard to decide on just one thing. We also couldn't really find Club Mexicana which were hidden in the secret garden round the back of the venue. We however finally found the big neon Vegan Tacos sign around the back. They didn't however have the jackfruit burritos and since I always buy from them I thought that I should have a go at trying something new. 

It was great to see that this time a lot more vendors were taking card payments compared to the first time around as it is a lot easier when you run out of cash and find something else you want to take home or eat on the spot.

Eventually, Vyvy settled for Chickn Strips with ranch from Temple of Seitan and I decided to try out Eat Chay who I have been meaning to try for ages.

Look at dat food

The inside of the food hall was so rammed, we decided to brave the outdoors and sit on a bench outside, which was shockingly not as cold as we thought it would be.

Vyvy absolutely loved the vegan chicken strips she got. I mean she really loved them she decided to keep some for the morning for her breakfast. I on the other hand absolutely adored the noodle box that I got from Eat Chay. I even let Vy's try this as she is Vietnamese and she said that the flavours were on point and authentic.
After we had literally devoured our food, we headed back in to get some freakshakes from Mylkman. I think a huge part of the novelty is the fact that they are served in a pineapples! As some of you reading may know, I'm actually allergic to pineapples but I think this was well worth bracing the pineapple allergy for. I mean my allergy isn't even that severe my tongue just burns and gets really itchy. So embracing that YOLO vibe and all that I bought one for the gram and because I love peanut butter and banana milkshakes so I just had to. They came topped with oreos, candy-floss and scoop of ice-cream.

We then proceeded to obviously take a million photographs of them before heading outside to consume them and have a chat.They were very filling, and I get that the straws were paper because they are better environmentally but they became soggy very easily and we had to keep getting new straws to drink our milkshakes.

Even after the milkshakes, we went back in to try and find Dough Society but honestly I couldn't find where they were hiding.  Nonetheless, we had a spectacular time and I really hope that there will be a third run of the night market next month as it is an absolutely fantastic event to go to.

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