Beauty: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

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Hello! I'm finally getting through all of my drafts on here. I have only one more draft to get through after this. This is far from the end of that though, I still have countless photos on my phone that I have edited and that need to go up on posts on this site. I have been thinking for awhile now, that I might actually change the theme of my site and my URL just so that it isn't so specific to me but we will see about that in the new year when my domain name expires.

Today's post is a short review on the Bourgeois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that this foundation is the newer version of their more popular gel healthy mix foundations that are extremely popular. 

The healthy mix foundation claims to be anti-fatigue and provide up to 16 hours worth of foundation stay power. The foundation also contains a mix of vitamin C, E and B5. The product comes in the standard  glass bottle and pump that most foundations come with which I don't particularly enjoy. This is only because I feel that tube foundations and squeeze bottle foundations are a lot better in terms of product waste. You can easily get all the product out with those types of bottles were as with glass bottles, it's extremely hard to ensure there is as little waste as possible.

The shade I purchased this in was Dark Beige which was a little darker than I usually need as I often just buy a soft beige or a light beige. For some reason however, the lighter shades in this range are a lot lighter than my skin tone.

* finally*  a post where I actually show what the colour looks like on my skin! As you can see it is a little it darker than my skin.

But once I blend this out it actually looks pretty decent and in match with my skin tone. Due to this, I really wasn't bothered with the fact that there didn't seem to initially be a perfect match for my skin tone at all.

My favourite aspects of this product are the fact that it actually does not weigh my skin done. The foundation in no way makes me feel sticky and it keeps me matte for a good amount of time. The only problem is that if you have oily skin this is totally a foundation that you have to wear with setting powder on top of it. It also helps when you use use some setting spray on top of it. This is especially because it is meant to give you healthy glow, which it does. But if you have oily skin then this is gonna leave you looking like a disco ball after a good amount of time.

Overall, this leaves the skin looking healthy, refreshed and lively. But I'd steer away in extreme cases of oily skin and if you have moderate oily skin like me then it is important that you set this with loads of powder and setting spray. Even after doing that, you will still look healthy and ready to take the world and slay.

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