Beauty: Lancome Hypnose Mascara

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Hello,  quick post today on the Lancôme hypnose mascara that everyone raves on about. Since everyone raves on about this mascara, I really don't need to go into that much of a detailed review at all because everyone knows how good this mascara is.

I picked this up in House of Fraser on my lunch break recently after being given some vouchers for some work I had did. I had been meaning to try this mascara out for the longest time but I had never gotten around to doing so as I always ended up buying the same mascaras every time I ran out. Additionally, mascaras really last for the longest time so it's also always the item I replace the least out of my make up collection.

What I really did loved about this mascara was the fact that unlike some mascaras I have used in the past, this did not dry up quickly at all. I have had some in the past that have literally only lasted 2 weeks before I've had to go in with with either eye drops or the saline solution to give it a bit more life.  This however lasts a pretty long time, in fact this is one of the longest lasting mascara's that I have ever used. 

I love how the mascara does not clump on your lashes and that they go on super smoothly. You don't need to spend loads of time trying to de-clump your lashes of extra blobs of mascara that may sit on your lashes. 

Furthermore,  this mascara really lengthens and adds volume to your lashes which is great for me as I have short and thin lashes unlike my brother who got the nice long lashes in the family! 

The mascara, although not waterproof has an amazing staying power, I have really oily skin and this doesn't slide off when the rest of my face gets oily and the rest of my make up starts to slip. I also found it great that the mascara doesn't  print on your skin when you blink at all which is a problem I had with a lot of my old mascaras.

Over all, I am incredibly pleased with this mascara even though this costs £18.50. I really do think this is well worth the money. I will definitely repurchase this in the future when I run out of mascara again or when I have finished the other mascaras that I have bought to try out.

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