Food: Pho, Soho

by - 21:08

Hello hello! here is an ancient ancient post that has been sat in the depths of my blog drafts. Essentially I'll keep it short, but this was from the time me and E tried to find somewhere to eat in Soho and it started to pour down with rain. So we walked into the first restaurant we saw which was was Pho.
I saw on the menu that there were Summer rolls (Goi Cuon) as I LOVE summer rolls. The waitress recommended that I order the peanut sauce to go with this. Which was literally the best thing I did... because the combination was so tasty.

I also got the Pho Chay which was essentially Pho with tofu ( aka the love of my life) and button mushrooms. Two of my favourite things in one bowl, but of course those were not the only things that it came with. There was chilli, beansprouts and other vegetables. Of course I covered my pho in chilli sauce, powder and siracha sauce because I'm that person who loves really really spicy food. My friend tried my pho and she felt like I had put too much spice in but that's just how I like it and the pho and tofu were really good!

I really enjoyed the meal and quite possibly my favorite bit of this was the summer rolls with that peanut sauce. SO SO good. So I probably will go back at some point to try other dishes on their menu in the future.

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