Food: Q&T Vietnamese, Finsbury Park

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Yay! I've finally reached the last post in my extensive list of drafts on my blogger account. In my last post I did say that I had more coming, so fear not there are plenty more posts coming your way for you all to enjoy. Strangely I am writing this on a Saturday night being incredibly boring and not going out. It's really funny because I'm currently writing this at 1:46 am and I suddenly remember how I love writing late at night. Actually I love doing anything that requires any form of brain power which is probably why I was so good at working full time and doing my masters at the same time.  Writing any lengthy essays was always best done by me after 6 pm with my concentration on writing hitting it's peak at 11pm.

Anyways, on to the real post! A while back I went to Q&T Vietnamese in Finsbury Park some of my friends who I was supposed to move in with ( that didn't happen as they actually ended up getting jobs in other countries).

I got the veggie summer rolls to start as I never turn down a good summer roll ever as they are my favorite thing in the entire world (alongside other great dishes but this has a special place in my heart). For my main, I ordered their Pho Noodle soup as I was told that their Pho was the best there was in London by my friends. If you eat meat, apparently their Pho with Beef is a hit. I however, ordered the Pho with tofu and mushrooms. Everyone knows I love tofu and mushrooms so no real shock there because I am very predictable when it comes to me ordering food. As I mentioned in my post from Pho, I added a lot of chilli into my Pho.

The tofu was soft and porous just how I like it and not silken. The vegetables were well cooked and the broth was incredibly tasty and the noodles were not overcooked. Overall, I thought that this was a very delicious dish and very filling overall. You certainly won't be needing any dessert after tucking into this. 

What's your favorite place to get Vietnamese food from?

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