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Hello everyone! Here's a super late post that I have been meaning to post in ages but I just never got the time to write. A while back I go sent some Rimmel Make up in the post and It've actually been using some of it in my daily make up routine. So, now I can finally write a review about how I feel about these individual products.

The first product that I got was the Wonder Wing eyeliner. Out of all the products that I received, I think I used this the least. This is only because I don't usually wear eyeliner unless I am going on a night out and I felt like I wanted to put some on. From the few times I have used this, I noticed that the tip of the eyeliner actually juts out a bit from the pen. I'm not entirely sure if this is how it was designed or this was just a fault in the manufacture.  Either ways, the Wonder Wing eyeliner is super easy to apply. I often find that with some eyeliners, they don't tend to slide on as easily as they  as this one does as the formula is a bit too dry. The eyeliner stays on all night if you wear it out and doesn't smudge easily, even when I don't wear my urban decay setting spray. This definitely a good cheap eyeliner if you needed one.

The second item I received was the Eyes Nude Edition Palette. I think the palette itself is supposed to be a somewhat dupe of one of the naked palettes. It comes with a brush with one of those 'bud' type heads that you would have used when you were 13 or 14 which I am not a fan of. That's alright though as most people have a full set of brushes and I just used one of my own. Having used this palette a few times, I can honestly say that I am not that big of a fan. I'm not sure what it is but I didn't quite like the quality of the shadows. I felt like they were not very pigmented and that they were incredibly hard to blend in comparison to the rest of the eyeshadows I have previously used. However,  I do like the lighter colours for around my eyes and highlighting my brow bone.

The last product that I got was the Wonderfully Real Mascara that has little lengthening microfibres in it. For this product, I would say that I actually have a love/hate relationship with. The first time I had ever used this product, I really didn't enjoy using it as I felt like it just didn't dry quite right and my lashes felt and looked a bit like spider legs.  Now that I have run out of my other mascara, I have been trying to use this more as I wanted to finish all the make-up products that I actually own before I go and buy new ones. From using this on a daily basis when I go to work, I can say that it's a lot better than when I first used it. Would I buy it? No, it's not for me. Whilst it is a good product for short use, I feel like it prints onto your skin very easily, slides off your lashes super quick and before you know it you have 'fake eyebags'' and panda eye. I could never wear this one without any setting spray at all.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite drugstore beauty items? Let me know!

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