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Hello! Sorry if anyone is sick of my food posts but I've got another food post today. This time it is about the best Pad Thai that I've had. I actually (like a lot of my posts) have been meaning to post about this for ages now but I've just taken so long to get through editing and drafting everything.
So, the best Pad Thai I have had actually comes from Cookdaily which is located in Boxpark Shoreditch.  I went with my friend who had been pestering me for ages to go with them as they were a big fan of their 'High Grade' bowl. As I was running a bit late, my friend went in before to queue up for us as there was a massive line and I was really hungry so we didn't want to have to wait ages when I got there.

Cookdaily have a huge variety of different international inspired food bowls which leave you struggling to decide between dishes as they all sound so tasty. Their establishment is quite popular amongst musicians such as JME and Skepta who are regular customers. I can't remember how much each bowl costs on its own exactly but I do know that they do a £10 meal deal thing. When I say meal deal I know the one I got didn't have a drink but there is an option for one that includes a drink. So mine was the Pad Thai with their 'chicken' pieces and vegetable spring rolls.

It was honestly so worth it. The food was nothing short of incredible! All of it was flavoursome and the food itself was not overly oily and the noodles had just the right amount of spice. For those who don't like spicy food this would do the job for you. The spring rolls were very crisp and went well with the dipping sauce that was provided. I really regret not asking what the dipping sauce was actually made from. The chicken pieces blew our minds as well. We had no idea how they had been made to taste so authentically like chicken. My friend and I were wondering and wondering what it actually was that they used to make these.

I was actually so impressed by the Pad Thai that it left me wanting to eat nothing but Pad Thai for weeks after and I actually went to Tesco to buy some ingredients to try make Pad Thai for myself.

I also recently discovered that they do a VEGAN ADOBO. Hello hello fellow Filipinos, it's your dream come true. I actually went down to cookdaily on the day that I started drafting this post to try this but they were actually shut so I couldn't try it before I wrote this post. I'm hoping to go back next week to finally try it. I have high hopes that it will be good though. After having that Pad Thai, I understand why these guys actually have such as huge following and I cannot recommend them more than enough.

They are also open at Boxpark in Croydon so if that's nearer to you so be sure you give them a visit when you can!

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