Food: Cronuts from Harrods

by - 10:00

Hello,  another post today about food since all I do is eat. This is another historic one as it's actually about the Cronuts that they do in the Harrod's Bakery ( a great place to be). I got this cronut ages ago before I went fully Vegan and I thought that this was too pretty not to share.

There are so many delicious looking things in Harrods Bakery and there are a fine selection of cronuts amongst the hundreds of pretty baked goods that they have.  Their cronuts are incredibly soft and bursting with flavour.  For the price that these retail for which is about £4 these are probably one of the best cronuts that I have ever had out of all of the cronuts I've ever had.

My only wish is that they eventually make vegan friendly versions so I can go back and start having these again. If you're not vegan, I really recommend you give these a try.

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