Food: Doughnut Time, London.

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Hello Hello, I've been meaning to post about Doughnut Time quite some time now. However, I have just not been able to quite get around to doing so. I really wanted to prioritise clearing all the drafts that I had so that everything was just more or less out of the way. 
My friend from my old work actually introduced doughtnut time to me as she said that they do amazing vegan doughnuts. They do quite a few of them actually, but the first time that we went I couldn’t exactly buy a doughnut because I was heading to Dua Lipa at Brixton Academy and I already had so much to eat before.  The next time I went back I actually bought the Sia Later doughnut. The doughnut is a red velvet doughnut with a vegan cream cheese frosting on it. Words cannot even describe how delicious it was. I was dreaming about the doughnut for weeks. Every time I go back I resist getting the same doughnut as I actually wanted to try their other doughnuts.

The next time I went back I bought the Jolly AF doughnut which I nursed in my bag the whole day of me walking around Oxford Circus and brought it with me to the cinema. I'm just literally not about the popcorn life and a lot of the snacks at the cinema are overpriced anyways especially when I am paying £15 for the ticket. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take it a photo of it but it was absolutely brilliant. It was essentially a doughnut covered in chocolate with cookie dough pieces on it. The best thing about this, was that it was also vegan! 

I tried again once to get doughnuts a few weeks later and even walked all the way to their store after work one evening but they unfortunately didn't have any vegan doughnuts the time I went. Instead they had a doughnut covered in crickets to celebrate the new season of 'I'm a celeb'.

The fourth  (I know... big fan) time I got their doughnuts I also got their red velvet doughnut (red velvet is my favourite cake) but I got the Christmas edition which they named 'All the Jingle Ladies'. Essentially, the doughnut is the one in the featured picture at the start of the post. It is exactly the same as the Sia Later doughnut but has a candy cane on it instead of their usual raspberries. To be honest I am not a big fan of candy canes and their minty flavour. So I literally took the picture and ate the doughnut minus the candy cane.

So I drafted this post with the intent to only post about those three. But today I went back again after work with my pal.  This time however, I got a flavour that I had not seen before called the Cornelius Fudge. This doughnut was the same fluffy doughnut that they are well known for covered in a vegan chocolate glaze with bits of brownies and hazelnuts on top of it. It was honestly so good, one of the best doughnuts that I have had and I was so full I didn't need to eat for a good while more.

The store I visit is the one located in Shaftesbury Avenue but Doughnut time have now opened a second location in Shoreditch right by Old Street tube station so get on down if you have yet to try their amazing doughnuts! They even do loyalty stamp cards so getting those doughnuts in now!

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