Food: Soya-free Vegenaise

by - 10:00

Hey everyone! Today's post is just about the Follow Your Heart's Soya-Free Vegenaise.
I bought this to bring back to Bristol for Christmas as I wasn't quite sure where to get these products in Bristol. So if you have any idea please let me know. 

Follow Your Heart have a huge array of different varieties of their vegan mayonnaise but my friend recommended that I try the soy-free version as it was her favorite. Each jar of vegenaise is actually made with solar power which I find pretty incredible. It's so great to see companies make a conscious effort to lowering their carbon footprint. The mayonnaise itself is actually made out of pea proteins which I think is fascinating because I would never have thought that peas could be so versatile. 

The mayo is the best vegan mayonnaise I have tasted so far and actually tastes as creamy and as authentic as the real thing. Unlike other vegan mayos this actually tastes nothing like salad cream which I find to be a problem with most vegan mayonnaises. 

I absolutely rinsed through the whole bottle over Christmas using it in sandwiches, burgers and even finger food that my mom made. I definitely will be repurchasing this in the future and I am very likely to try out their other products as well.

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