Food: Tesco Vegan Soft Cheese

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Hello, today I have a post about one of my fave vegan cheeses.  This particular vegan cheese as you can see from the photo above is the Tesco Free From Milk, Gluten and Wheat Soft Cheese. the Cheese is made from a combination of coconut oil and soya.  When I first opened the packaging, I was absolutely surprised that the cheese looked actually like real soft dairy cheese and it didn't have that disgusting smell that a lot of vegan cheese has. 

I have found this cheese perfect for sandwiches, mixing into pasta and even using as base for creamy pastas. The spread itself has a light cheesy taste to it and definitely does not taste as rank or fake as a lot of other vegan cheeses. 

This particular cheese does not break the bank at all as it is priced below £3 unlike others that may not taste good and still cost over £5.  Tesco have really done well with their selection of vegan cheeses and I have just about almost tried every one of them, so stay tuned for future blog posts in which I will be reviewing them.

If you've got a favourite vegan cheese, leave me a comment as I always am up for trying new products.

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