Food: Vegan Homemade Fried Rice

by - 10:30

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago I was trying to clear out my fridge and freezer in preparation for Christmas and I managed to create some delicious fried rice. Now I don't claim to be a chef, but I did find this particular recipe birthed out of just what I had handy to be a winner.

What I used
1. A bowl of ready cooked Japanese rice
2. Sunflower oil 
3. Chili Flakes
4. Paprika 
5. Beans, Mushrooms, carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers
6. Salt
7. Ground black pepper
8. Paprika

The method is very straight forward as well, all you got to do is fry the mixture of vegetables in the sunflower oil and separate and drain from the oil. In the same pan, fry the rice and mix in the paprika, veggies, salt and black pepper until cooked. 

Honestly super simple and requires minimal effort to make. Obviously you try this with different vegetables but this is a great dish to make when you simply want to use up what you have in your fridge or if you're feeling a bit lazy and want to make something easy!

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