Beauty: COLAB Dry Shampoo: Tropical

by - 17:00

Hello!  Today's review is about one of my favorite products ever. I have raved about their other products on my blog before and when I went to superdrug I was delighted to see that they had a whole new range out of dry shampoos out. There were honestly so many different new fragrances out and all of them were in stylish and cute new packaging.

The fragrance that caught my eye was their tropical fragrance. I am a big fan leaf prints and palm trees so naturally this was the first can I reached for. Fortunately I was blessed, this is by far the best smelling dry shampoo that I have ever used. The shampoo has notes of papaya and pineapple that leaves my hair smelling completely fresh. 

Unlike other dry shampoos, this dry shampoo takes all the oil out of my hair and leaves it feeling freshly washed without leaving and white residue in my hair which I get from other dry shampoos. Additionally, after you wear this in your hair for awhile it doesn't smell off like other dry shampoos do. I can't quite explain what it is, but a lot of dry shampoos smell really awful after you have worn them in your hair for a few hours. I also find that this particular dry shampoo helps my hair from falling  flat and gives it some volume which is great as my hair desperately needs it a lot of the time.

I definitely recommend trying this if you haven't already.

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