Cooking with Nikki: Making burgers and review of the Tesco Vegan Blue Cheese and Linda McCartney vegetarian burgers

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Hello everyone, today's post is a combination of two reviews at once. The first item is the Tesco vegan Blue cheese alternative. The cheese itself I feel does not taste great just on its own. However, once you melt this, it tastes absolutely delicious in a burger. Would I buy it again? Probably, but only if I'm making a big batch of toasties or burgers because the flavour makes it rather unsuitable for topping pasta with.

The second item I have here in my burger making are the vital, burger patties. I was originally going to just get the quorn vegan burgers but my friend Alisha told me that the Linda McCartney burgers were amazing. When I went to Tesco, these were on offer so I decided to just try these.

The burgers are a generous size compared to the quorn vegan burgers and these come in packs of two.
You can either grill these or let them sizzle in a frying pan with a little bit of oil until cooked. The burger is super juicy and could fool any meat lover into swapping their beef patties for one of these now and them. I also think that these burgers also help massively for people who are looking towards veganism and are looking to cut down on their meat consumption.

In the end, I served these burgers with the blue cheese I wrote about above, onions, tomato, vegenaise, ketchup and avocado. Honestly, it was all so delicious.
What's your favourite burger recipe? 
Let me know!

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