Food and Coffee: I Will Kill Again, Hackney

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Hello everyone, I've been waiting ages to post this one. But as per usual I have only now made it this far into my drafts. I need to really clear through my drafts and get better at posting these as soon as I can.  

Rae and I really wanted to visit I Will Kill Again after heading to Cook Daily for lunch as we heard that sometimes they do vegan cherry bakewells which we both wanted. After a short trip on the bus that became an hour long diverted bus and an array of traffic problems, we finally gave up and walked the rest of the way in the rain. 

Thankfully inside the cafe, nestled within the arches near Homerton there was plenty of seating and an abundance of warmth to dry us off. 

Unfortunately for us, there were no more cherry bakewells.  However, they did have the most incredible Flat White that I have ever had which was made with oat milk. I'm going to assume the oat milk was Oatly Barista as it had the same creamy consistency. It was honestly heaven sent, every thing I needed at that moment in time and I still dream about this coffee till this day. The coffee itself was made from Dark Arts coffee beans in case any of you were wondering.

For snacks, I grabbed myself a chocolate bean brownie that tasted better than I was expecting. I'm not sure exactly what the bean bit of this actually was but It just tasted like a sweet, chocolate brownie that was not overly gooey or chewy. Rae, on the other hand bought the last Chocolate Oreo brownie which she really enjoyed as well.

I am personally very keen to go back as I follow them on Instagram and I am super keen to try their brunch which always looks so incredible on my feed. But the lines always look horrendously long!
I definitely recommend that everyone should at some point take the time to head over to their cafe, you really will not regret going.

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