Food: Hackney Downs Vegan Market, Katsu Curry from Temple of Seitan

by - 20:55

A sunny Saturday in London is not complete for me without a drop in at Hackney Downs Vegan Market and the weekend my best friend Hobson came to visit was no different. The moment he said 'I'm hungry' I instantly knew where we were going, yes my favourite place in the world- the vegan market at Hackney Downs studios. 

The week that we went, was quite some time ago, but the joy I experienced eating this Katsu curry fries from Temple of Seitan will remain with me forever. The dish consisted of fries, seitan chicken popcorn and asian slaw. The whole dish was topped off with Katsu curry sauce. The slaw was crunchy, the seitan chicken bites were delicious and the fries were crispy. The katsu sauce was creamy, mild and not overly spicy. The Katsu sauce although delicious had a very unique aftertaste to it. The aftertaste was almost incensey. I'm not overly sure how to describe it in any other way. It was however, incredibly tasty. 

Hobson was a big fan of the dish and he really enjoyed digging into this Katsu fries as well. As a meat eater, he was mind blown with how tasty and realistic the seitan chicken was. He kept getting me to explain how it is made that way and asked me if we could go back the next time he visited me in London. 

Overall, as you've just read, Hackney Downs Vegan Market and Temple of Seitan never let you down.

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