Food: Yuzu and Matcha Vegan Crosstown Doughnuts, Shoreditch

by - 19:04

Hello! Everyone knows that I am obsessed with doughnuts so I thought why not share about one of the more exotic doughnuts I have enjoyed.  This is no other than the vegan yuzu and matcha green tea doughnut that I got from crosstown doughnuts. 

I recently went to crosstown after I went on a stroll with my friend after our trip to Columbia Road flower market as they wanted to explore the area. I had always wanted to try crosstown's vegan range, but unfortunately they are only available on the weekends which is a real bummer as I know that a lot of people would buy these during the week. Anyways, I finally walked past the Brick Lane branch on a Saturday and I popped in to see what was on offer. 

Whilst the idea of green tea flavoured anything might not appeal to everyone, green tea is one of my favourite things especially the matcha variety as it has so many good health benefits for you. I picked this up even though I didn't quite know what to expect from the Yuzu bit of it and decided to try the doughnut out when I got home. I thought the doughnut was nice, soft and delicious. It didn't taste too strongly of green tea at all and I really joyed the icing ( whatever it was). My only comment would be that the yuzu glazing was a bit too citrusy and sweet which put me off a bit. 

Other than that, I will definitely be purchasing this again in the future when I come across a crosstown doughnuts store again.

What are your favourite doughnuts?

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