Beauty: NYX Baked Blush in Foreplay & (sale at time of this post)

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Today I have a short post about a blush that I picked up in Boots on Bond Street in London. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you would know that I am in love with NYX cosmetics. They're a super affordable brand that does not break the bank and offers super high quality products.

When I first started using their products, I was absolutely shocked with how incredible the quality of their makeup was. It was like I was using high-end makeup but I was only paying the drugstore price for the products. 

I think I previously posted about another one of their blush products somewhere on my blog previously and my opinion has not changed one bit. This blush is probably one of my few go-to blushes.  I have a beige complexion, being half asian and all, this gives me a a subtle rose on my cheeks. The fact that this blush also illuminates gives a light shimmer to my cheeks, but not one that is outrageously shiny and makes me look like I am wearing double highlighter. The bronzing property of this makes my cheeks look subtly contoured, so even if I didn't want to do a full contour with a separate bronzer this is great. This blush is therefore perfect for days when you don't have enough time or just want to look fab but with minimal effort.

The aspect of this product that I love the most is it's staying power and how well it blends. Unlike some blushes that go on patchy, this product applies with ease. This product does not separate or go on patchy at all. It's absolutely perfect for any kind of foundation. Furthermore, regardless of whether I wear a setting spray or not, I know that if I apply this product at 7 am it will still be there at 5 pm when I head home from work.

Overall, I really recommend this product and think it should be a staple in every make up collection.

Their blushes at the time of this post are on sale at £3.50 at the NYX website

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