Beauty: Nyx Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade

by - 16:31


Today's post is about a product that I have really adored using since my friend Rae first recommended it to me when we were in boots one evening.  Nyx's Brow Pomade has made it to the top of my list of beauty products that I really adore using from the brand. The shade I picked up was 'espresso' which is a very dark brown which is ideal for me as I have dark brown hair. 

To apply the product, I use an angled eye brush and outline the shape of my brows and slowly spread this out to fill in the gaps in my brows. The pomade goes on very smoothly, but once you are near the bottom of the jar this gets very dry.  But when this actually happens, it really just is time for a new jar. of this.  You can also build up the pomade to suit however dark or filled you would like your brows to be. However, I do warn that if you are looking to build up your brows you should decide to do so early on and work quickly as this dries up really quickly and you'd have to take it off and start all over. 

What impresses me most about this product however is how long it lasts. I apply this the first thing in the morning and by the time I finish work or anything else I do after work, this is still 100% still on. Additionally, having bought this last August, in March the year after it has ONLY just run out. How impressive is that? For the amount of product that it looks like there is, I was pleasantly surprised at how long it was before this had completed ran out.

At £6 only for a tub that lasts almost an eternity? I cannot fault this product one bit at all. 

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