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For some reason, I feel as though this is the post that a lot of people have been waiting for. Or maybe that is just me? I was so so excited to hear that By Chloe had finally opened in Covent Garden but I genuinely did not want to battle the crowds so my friends and I did the logical thing which was to wait and hope the hype died down a bit before we visited. 

The hype however, did not seem to fade. Yes, I know we only waited a few weeks but I have heard so many stories of people getting aggressive over tables and such which kind of sucks. 

The first time I went to By Chloe, I went with my friend Alisha who I usually do vegan dinners with. As I used to work with Alisha next door to where I work now, we both decided to leave work a little earlier in order to beat the crowds. It turned out to be a sensible thing to do as when we got to By Chloe there were actually some tables which quickly filled in the next 30 minutes after our arrival. 

I had wanted to get the Tofish and Chips but unfortunately they were out of it already. So instead I got the small Mac n Cheese that I had intended to get and the Guac Burger. The burger was actually incredible. It contained a patty made out of black beans, quinoa and sweet potato and was topped with corn salsa, onions, guac, tortilla strips, chipotle aioli in a whole grain bun. The chipotle aioli is also available as a dip which I loved so much. I also had the burger with some of By Chloe's beetroot ketchup which is surprisingly delicious but if you don't like beetroot, I'd steer clear as you can definitely taste the beetroot in this.  

My only complaint about the burger is the fact that the bun goes soggy easily. I'm not sure if this is the right way to describe it but it literally crumbles in your hand creating a huge mess. I'm not great at   eating burgers without everything falling apart so if you're like me then prepare to get that fork out to scoop up everything off the tray. 

The next thing I had was the mac and cheese, lol interesting side from me.  Please I really wanted to try this and I wasn't going to wait until next time because I wasn't quite sure when I would be back ( jokes on me I went back two days later).

So I also had the Mac n Cheese as seen in the photo above but I also took a photo of the Mac n Cheese Vyvy had when I went back two days later just so everyone could also see a close up of it.  The Mac and Cheese was wow. I don't think I have had a vegan mac and cheese that has been as good as the ones they do at Temple of Seitan so this really could contest theirs.  The sauce is made out of blended sweet potato and cashews and the 'bacon' is smoked shiitake. The whole ensemble is topped with almond parm. I thought this was absolutely delicious and when Vyvy got this two days after I had, her only reaction was that she couldn't even believe that it was vegan at all. 

Now on to what I had.... I was actually anxious that they didn't have the Tofish at all again but when I went to the counter I was so delighted that they had it.  The only time that I have ever had tofish was sometime last year from a vegan takeaway called matter in Fishponds in Bristol. This cost less than £8 which is  incredible considering you get minty peas, tofish, chunky fries, lemon and some tartare sauce for that price.  Of course I helped my self to loads of the chilli aioli and the beet ketchup for my fries. 
I think my favourite bit of this dish was the minty peas as they were super delicious and kind of addictive. All in all, I'd probably walk up to By Chloe on a Friday lunch time just to get this to eat for lunch. 

Over all, super duper impressed by the food and there are plenty of other dishes on the menu that I want to sample. So knowing me it won't be long before I'm back, but probably longer than the two days it took me to come back the first time as their food is not exactly the cheapest! 

Have you been to By Chloe?  Let me know what you think! 

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