Food: Firezza, Soho

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Yet another food post! Recently when a friend of mine came to visit we spent hours walking around Soho thinking of somewhere to eat. Eventually we ended up in Firezza who do probably the best pizza I have ever had.  I have only ever had Firezza  through delivery before and I remember the first time I ordered their veggie pizza with vegan cheese on it I was absolutely blown away. Even my friend who I was hanging out with at the time was blown away by how good the pizza was and they could not believe that the cheese was vegan.

Fast forward to present times, the restaurant was absolutely packed. It took awhile for us to be seated but it was entirely expected of a Friday night in Soho. 

As soon as we were seated, my friends pondered upon the menu whilst I went straight to the till to place my order as I knew what I wanted to get. Once everyone had ordered, it didn't at all take long for our orders to arrive.  I love that their veggie pizzas have an ample array of veggies on them from peppers to fancier artichokes and are delicious with both a sprinkling of dried chilli and some chilli oil. The dough is ever so soft, not overly chewy and has a bit of crisp to it which balances it all out. I was also very impressed with the vegan cheese that they use although they may have recently changed it as I do not remember the cheese tasting like it currently does when I first ever ordered one of their pizzas. Right now, the vegan cheese they use really tastes like Violife, which I suppose is alright but I do wish they had put more cheese on my pizza.  I also loved how the tap water was self-serve through this little water fountain thing on the side which also served sparkling water ( how cool, though do people really drink sparkling water????)
Overall, I had a pleasant first experience of dining at Firezza and will definitely be back again soon.

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