Food: Jake's Vegan Steaks, Boiler House

by - 19:40

If you haven't heard about Jake's vegan steaks then boy you are missing out. Their stand is usually located in Boiler house on weekends.  I really didn't have to think hard about what I wanted to get and got their cheesesteak and fries. My friend on the other hand got the steak fries which they enjoyed.

 The fries I got were topped with vegan mayo and siracha sauce and whilst they were tasty, I wish I had not bought them as I was so full after eating the cheesesteak. The steak itself is fried in front of you at their stall, topped with some surprisingly delicious vegan cheese and served in a panini with lettuce.

The steak itself is made out of seitan and is incredibly chewy, my friend said it was as convincing as real meat.  Unlike some seitan steaks, this was juicy and not at all one bit dry.
Besides the delicious food, another bonus is that out the back of boiler house there was some fake grass where loads of people were sat and there was a DJ playing an incredible mix of tunes for you to listen to whilst you ate your food. 

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