Food: The Star by Hackney Downs

by - 20:22

Hello all, Today I have a post about when I went to The Star by Hackney Downs.  I was in the area to go to the vegan market but the lines were very long and I was absolutely starving. Once we crossed the downs we went straight into the The Star. Initially when we went to the bar we were told that the kitchen was broken which was devastating to us. However, just as we were told that the kitchen was not functioning the chef whizzed along to the bar and informed us that the the kitchen had been fixed!

The staff were super friendly and even offered us a discount. The menu was very extensive and super vegetarian and vegan friendly. There were a good range of vegan hotdogs and burgers. Both of us went for hotdogs, I got the Seitan Frank and Rae got the Coney Island hotdog. What I liked was that the seitan was genuinely extremely tasty and not bland at all. I loved how creamy the dressing was, I mean I couldn't even believe that it was not vegan! Another thing that I found shocking was the fact that there was some sort of vegan cheese in it that didn't taste like feet! It tasted exactly like parmesan, I was so shocked. I found it very hard that it wasn't real parmesan. The sweet potato fries came in such a big portion, I was unsure that I was going to be able to finish it all! Rae also very much enjoyed her her hotdog as well. 

Overall, I was super impressed with the quality of service that we were given at the bar and I am completely sure that I would go again.

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