Food: Temple of Hackney, Hot Wings And Mac And Cheese

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Ah yes, another trip to Temple of Hackney. Whilst I was thinking of lumping this post in with my upcoming post from my trip to the recently opened Temple of Camden I thought that that deserved its own blog post. 

I had been craving Temple of Seitan's food for the longest time and had constantly been thinking about their mac and cheese (which is by the way one of the best mac and cheeses I have had in a long time). Equally, I really wanted their hot 'wings' that was on their menu. 

To be completely honest, I was so full after having the hot wings, I brought the mac and cheese back home to eat for dinner.  The wings itself consisted Seitan chicken strips covered in a tangy and spicy sauce. I have a high tolerance for spice but even I needed a glass of water after I had dug into this. As a side, the wings come with some vegetable sticks and cool ranch sauce. I particularly loved this as it really helped to offset the spice.

On to the mac and cheese. As I said previously, I didn't have this until later in the day as I was super full from the wings itself. Obviously, that meant that the mac and cheese had gone cold which had worried me. A lot of vegan mac and cheese is undeniably rank, and even ranker if you have it when it is cold.  When it gets cold, you know there is no turning back or saving yourself from the taste you are about to experience even with reheating. 

However, this mac and cheese is an exception. I popped it in the microwave on high for two minutes and let it cool before enjoying it. To my surprise it tasted absolutely glorious. It was creamy and cheesy and did not taste rank at all. I was super impressed by the bacon seitan bits that were on top of this as they were super flavoursome and did not by one bit taste different from the real thing.

Temple doesn't need anymore selling as a brand, they are well known to produce incredible food and this is no different. If I could have their food every single day I would.

Keep your eyes peeled as I will also be writing about their Camden branch soon.

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