Food: Vegan Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

by - 18:12

Back to sunnier times, today's post is about Ben & Jerry's vegan peanut butter & cookies ice-cream.

I had eagerly been waiting for the vegan version to drop in the UK for a very long time and when I finally saw this in my local tesco, I was so elated. Despite the price tag, I felt that this was well worth the purchase. The ice-cream itself is made with almonds and is vanilla in flavour. However, in reality you don't really notice the fact that the ice-cream itself is vanilla flavoured. To me, this was just Peanut butter and cookie flavoured. 

The vanilla ice cream contains chunks of chocolate cookies and has swirls of peanut butter in the mix. If you're looking for something like the normal ben and jerry's cookie dough then you're going to have to look again. The cookies in these are actually like little oreos (my favorite).

This ice-cream was absolutely delicious and unlike other vegan ice-creams this wasn't as watery when it started to melt and the ice-cream did not lack in creaminess. 

Although I enjoyed this, I think the vegan chunky monkey version of this ice-cream is my favourite out of them all. 

What is your favourite vegan ice-cream?
Let me know!

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