Food: Vegan Cheesy Garlic Bread

by - 02:56

You're going to have to excuse this one. I totally forgot to take a photo once I had fully melted the cheese on top of this. I recently made some cheesy garlic bread and thought I had to share. 
Cheese is something I've cut back on massively over the years and I fondly remember the joy I had when I would see on the menu that there was an option to add cheese to garlic bread. 

One night I decided that I wanted to make my own vegan version of this but wasn't too sure how it would turn out. I sliced up some pieces of baguette that I had left over, covered them in dairy free flora, crushed up garlics and spread this over the bread. I cut 'thin' slices of Tesco dairy free cheddar style cheese placed them on top of the bread and sprinkled some pepper and oregano onto the cheese.

After baking these for 10 minutes, the cheese came out melted, goey and super delicious. A good substitute for real cheese and a lot healthier as well. 

I was pretty happy with the results so if you're tempted to make some of this for yourself I recommend using the tesco vegan cheese as a topper.

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