Beauty: Buddha Beauty Neroli Daily Defence Facial Moisturiser

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Ahhhh everyone. I received the most exciting thing in the post the other day and I have been dying to share this with everyone. I've had a busy weekend, and I usually try a product once or twice before actually drafting my review. 

Buddha Beauty kindly sent me their Daily Defence Facial Moisturiser in Neroli to try out and review.
First of all it came in the cutest packaging nestled amongst fun styrofoam puffs that secured the product and prevented it from damage. I took advantage of this used them as a prop to take photos with.

The packaging for their product is very sophisticated, stylish and chic. If you didn't know Buddha Beauty are actually a vegan beauty brand and this is clearly marked on their packaging. It's honestly so good to see some many brands rise up against animal testing and products. The product is not only vegan but also organic and labelled as true cruelty free.  It's so great to see that the options for vegans especially in beauty have expanded in recent years. As more and more people awaken to animal rights issues and environmental sustainability it is important for brands to recognise that there needs to be a shift towards what we consume as habitants of this planet. 

On to the product, this actually comes in such a decent size considering that a lot of facial moisturisers come in a small tub or tube. So I can already see me using this for ages before it actually run out. Dispensing the product, this comes with a handy pump. Honestly, it took me awhile to get used to as it often dispenses a lot of product at once (or I just have a forceful touch). Having tried the product I discovered that you actually only need the smallest amount of to leave your face feeling 100% moisturised. I usually end up having to use the excess product pumped out on my neck and behind my ears.

I find that the product creates an even and nourished base for my make up eliminating any dry patches that are visible when I put on my foundation as I have very dry skin. Very few moisturisers have been able to achieve this for me so naturally I was elated when my foundation went on smoothly and looked airbrushed for once! I love what this product does for my skin so much, I have now actually incorporated it into my end of day skincare routine.  In the ingredients section, I spotted that this product actually has a variety of different oils, which is probably why my skin is feeling incredible and super soft after I use the product. For example, there is sunflower seed oil, coconut oil (well known moisturiser) and  Apricot Kernel Oil. In addition, this also contains shea butter which is also popular for moisturising. Another ingredient that stood out to me here was the Hyaluronic Acid which is known for plumping your skin and giving it a bounce. The product has a fragrance to it so if you're not a fan of perfumed moisturisers then this would not be for you. I however, embrace products that make me smell good so obviously I instantly liked this one. 

Getting ready for brunch yesterday, I filmed a video on how I create a simple brunch look which features this product, but I am unsure if I am going to be able to post it anytime soon as my Macbook will not let me download footage. I definitely however will post the video on my twitter if I am able to edit it any time soon. 

Overall, I throughly enjoy using this moisturiser and I will definitely be purchasing it in the future as it does wonders for my skin.

* please note that I was sent this product for free in exchange for a blog post and some social posts.

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