Beauty: Kaplan MD Lip Mask and Lip Balm Lip Plumper

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Wooooo a post that I have been dying to type up since my mac charger died! The latest luxury product that I have been obsessed with is the Kaplan MD Lip Balm and Lip Mask. Together they form a lip plumping kit that is honestly out of this world. 

The Lip Mask comes in a little tub with a silver cap  and I would say that it's consistency is rather surprising. The mask  looks a lot like a lotion which it does slather on like but is bouncy and jelly like when it is in the container.  After slathering the mask onto my lips for 30 seconds, which makes my lips feel soft and fuller, I apply the Lip 20 Balm. The balm itself comes in a mini tube and you do not need to be using a lot of product as a little of this goes a long way. 

The result? Every time I have used this combo, I have not been disappointed. This has certainly been one of the best lip plumping products that I have used in a long while. My lips look lipstick ready and feel nourished and hydrated without fail. 

So if you're looking for a sustainable luxe product to take care of your pout without the injections, then look no further as this will sort you out.

Massive thanks to Positive luxury for sending me this to play with!

* please note that I received these products for free in exchange for this post.

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