Beauty: Nyx Precision Brow Pencil

by - 18:56

Here we go a post about one of my least favourite NYX products who knew the day would come! Everyone knows that I am a big fan of NYX cosmetics but I'm not going to lie about how disappointed I was with this product.  The brow Pencil is mechanical and gets dispensed by twisting the cap on the slanted end. On the other side there is a spoolie brush to tame your brows with. 

What I did like was the fact that the espresso colour on this the same as the pomade version of this and it is super easy to blend. It fills my eyebrows out incredibly well and like the pomade this stays long on your brows. The fact that it is a pencil makes it super easy to apply and shape your brows as well. 

So what may you ask is the problem with this product? There are two in my opinion and it might be the fact  that the second is related to the first. I actually bought this in Boots ( lol where I buy everything). 

First thing's first, I but this is my make up bag when I went shopping in town and when I came back I dropped it no joke 5cm onto the table and A HUGE chunk of it snapped right off. It's insane because it didn't even land with a lot of impact either. Secondly, I've only been using this for a grand total of two weeks and even though I tried to jam some of the broken bit back into the pencil, this is almost finished. It truly didn't last very long. 

Will I be buying this again? No, only if the quality of the product is improved. For now I am going to stick with using the NYX Tame and Frame Pomade. 

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