Beauty: Toni & Guy Classic Wave Memoriser

by - 21:29

Hello, it’s a good thing that there are some drafted posts on here so that I can actually post whilst I am waiting for my Mac charger to arrive. As there is no blogger app for the iPad, the most I can do it post text posts which I am very reluctant to do. Luckily this one was in there so I could work on one that actually had a picture in it. 

Today’s post is about the Toni & Guy wave memorizer cream that I got a few weeks ago. I picked this up because it reminded me of. A similar product that I have been wanting to try from Ouai, but have not been able to justify the price of the product.

This particular product smells absolutely amazing, is so lightweight and sinks right into your hair with ease.  You honestly will not be able to feel it in your hair at all. I usually apply this to towel tried hair and instead of using a hair curler or waver I simply tie my hair into a bun and spray my favorite hairspray in to set it. After an hour I let my hair down and I have the most gorgeous mermaid waves for the rest of the day. 

This has become one of my favourite hair products already and the best thing is that I picked this up whenI was in pound land so this cost me only £1! 

What an absolute bargain!

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