Drink: East London's Big Boss Palm

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Recently Big Boss Palm kindly sent me some of their drinks to sample.  I have been dying to try these out ever since I saw these in Cafe Miami in Hackney awhile back, but as I had the matcha latte then there was not quite the need for me to buy anything else. Furthermore, my further attempts to find this drink elsewhere have proved fruitless. So when their packaged arrived I was absolutely thrilled. 

Not only did they send me one of each flavour of drink to try, they also sent me the most adorable pin.
Their drinks come in three flavours; Toasted coconut soda, coconut & vanilla soda and lastly rose and vanilla soda.  Their drinks are made of all-natural ingredients and are made from young Thai coconut water. 

When these arrived my friend were a bit sceptical about how these would taste as essentially what they are as suggested in ingredients I listed are soda's made from coconut water.  Having sampling them myself, I can confirm that they actually taste delicious and are very refreshing. As suggested by the postcard that came in the package, these are definitely best served as cold as you can get them.

Out of the three flavours my favourite was the toasted coconut soda. The flavour was simple and straight to the point. It tasted plainly of coconut water which I love and as a Filipina, I grew up with my mum giving us coconut water regularly as she believed firmly in the health benefits that it had.  So it was great to see a twist on something I had had been traditionally drinking for years. This also has a hint of citrus flavouring to it making it perfectly refreshing for a hot summer's day. 

Whilst I enjoyed the flavouring of the vanilla and rose varieties of BBP, I found them a little too sweet for my liking. I mean they were delicious don't get me wrong, the vanilla flavoured soda reminded me of ice-cream and the rose flavoured variety reminded me of Bandung a malay rose-milk drink that I grew up drinking as a child living in Singapore. 

Overall, if you ever see BBP whilst you are out, you should definitely give them a try. Very different from your regular soda, much healthier for you and very refreshing especially in the current heatwave. 

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