Drink: Get Wonky Juices

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Hello everyone! Today's post is about a product that grabbed my attention over twitter. If you've been reading for awhile now, you would know that I am passionate about environmental causes. I recently came across Get Wonky Juices on twitter and reached out to them to ask if I could kindly review their product for my site. As you know, I am half-filipino and visiting the Philippines in the past I have seen how sad it is that some people do not even have enough food to eat. 

In the western world, there is a much different picture. Not only are we throwing out so much surplus food but we are also discriminating against 'wonky' vegetables and fruits that are perfectly consumable.  This is sad considering it not only is a massive waste to throw it out, but also has detrimental effects on our environment. 

Get Wonky aim to give misshaped fruit another chance by turning them into nutritious juices. Additionally, the company have other incredible aims. As their juices come in recycled glass bottles that are all further recyclable, the company reduce food packaging waste. On top of this, any profits they generate are reinvested into saving more fruit and they also support growers that struggle to sell wonky produce. 

Their juices come in four delicious flavours; Strawberry & Apple, Chokeberry & Apple, Apple and Beetroot & Apple.  Alongside the retail flavours, you can also get these in catering size from their website. 

Having tried these, I can firmly say that my favourite flavour was the Strawberry and Apple flavour. Why? Because firstly I have never thought of combining the two juices ever. If you asked me it would probably be the last combination of flavours I would ever think about. Honestly though, this was in my opinion the most delicious. It almost reminded me of a smoothie of some sort, it was very refreshing and the perfect summer drink. Another interesting flavour that I sampled was the Chokeberry and Apple flavour. Why? Because it was delicious even though I had never heard of a chokeberry until these arrived. Their plain apple juice too was probably one of the best apple juices I have ever tried. I'm a huge orange juice fan and if you made me choose between the two I'd probably choose orange juice over apple any day. However, having tried this I might give apple juice more of a shot in the future.

Overall, I am super glad that a company out there are doing something positive to reduce food waste. Not only are they actively encouraging the consumption of these fruit through their delicious product but they are also setting the message that there is absolutely nothing wrong with fruit and veg that is not the perfect shape. The only thing I wish was different was the size of the bottles. I wish they came in a  bigger size as I loved these but can't justify roping myself into getting a catering sized package!

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