Food: Elan Cafe Mayfair and Knightsbridge

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Hello! I decided to hold off posting this until I had gone to both Elan Cafes.I found out about this cafe through instagram a while back a some one I had followed had gone for their Sunday Brunch at their Mayfair branch. At the time I had gone, their Knightsbridge location still had yet to open.
When we got to the cafe it was pouring with rain so we were lucky that whilst there was a line we were able to go inside and wait. The waitress took our names and told us it was a 10 minute wait. In the mean time I took photos by the floral wall they had by the staircase that led to more seating downstairs.

In the seating area downstairs, there is another massive floral wall  with neon sinange  which is perfect for all your instagram photos.  We didn't order any food, but I had a flat white and my friend had a Jade Latte which was essentially a matcha latte.
Nothing was wrong with our coffees at all, in fact they were both very delicious. The only comment I have is the fact that the waitress was very incompetent.  All we wanted to do is itemise the bill so we paid individually for what we had and she wouldn't let us do it. Which made zero sense whatsoever as we ended up having to split the bill and pay the same amount of service charge and have to transfer each other the difference.

Fast forward to the present, we tried out the Knightsbridge branch of Elan. The entrance just like the Mayfair branch has loads of different cakes and pastries lining the window front. 

This time round I got a latte and my friend got a red velvet cake. 
The latte was very creamy and it was good that they had some dairy free milk.  I'm not sure how the cake was from as I couldn't eat it but my friend said she really enjoyed it. 

Unfortunately, we were only sat on the outer room of the cafe so we weren't near the floral wall that makes it onto everyone's instagrams. But either ways, we had a splendid time in the cafe taking photos of our food, the interiors and having a chat about life.

If you're ever near, I definitely recommend the Knightsbridge branch as it is a lot more spacious in comparison to the mayfair branch. Make sure your camera or phone is fully charged though, you'll be taking a ton of photos

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