Food: Sans Pere, Broadway Market

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Heyyy all, here we go. By some divine work of a miracle, my macbook charger actually charged my mac. How great is that? So here I am working extremely quickly to bash out posts, as my macbook battery steadily drops faster than my weight.

Anyways, recently I went to Sans Pere after having a walk through Columbia Road and Haggerston Park ( to see the animals at Hackney City Farm).

Sans Pere has always been high on my list of places to stop in for a coffee or have brunch in for a long time now. I remember the first time I walked past it I was actually in search of the vegan market which was actually in the Primary School just opposite London Fields. Surprise, surprise I'm basically blind. Anyways, when I first walked past I was drawn in by how striking the cafe front is. I mean look at it... how pretty is that colour?

When you walk into the store, you are first greeted by an array of pastries and quick bites that range from rolls to quiches placed in metal baskets. These are all placed on top of a marble counter, and instantly I could visualise how many aesthetically pleasing photos could be taken on it. 

To my disappointment, My friend made a steady charge for the tables and not the counter ):. So naturally I just took loads of photos of the pretty marble and wished I was sat on one of the stools. 

Deciding what we wanted to have for brunch was no sweat as there were plenty of vegan friendly options on the menu that all appealed to me. My friend got the peppermint tea and a veggie option ( forgive me I forget what it was but if you look in the photo It seems like she got spinach on bread with poached egg. 

I on the other hand got a super adventurous avocado and toast and a latte.
The toast was absolutely spot on, it wasn't burnt or too chewy. It was just the right amount of toastiness ( is that even a word????). Either ways, it was delicious. There was so much avocado on it as well. I was struggling quite a bit to even eat it all. The avocado was topped with what I think was chives? All in all very delicious. 

But the real star of this brunch was not the food. Yes, It was great but the latte I had was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Yes, this latte was incredible. I previously spoke about how much I loved the flat white at I Will Kill Again, but wow this comes hella close. I'm convinced that the secret ingredient in this is the fact that it actually contains Macadamia milk. On their menu it is labelled as Milkmadia or something along those lines. Honestly, revolutionary, so creamy and delicious. 

Sans Pere have two branches, one in Shoreditch and the other in Broadway Market. I'm hoping to find the time to head over to the Shoreditch Branch and when I do, you can be certain I will be blogging about it!

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