Life: An update

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Short little update. Apologies for not posting in awhile, I have been quite busy and have just returned from Norway. Having said that I have some exciting new photos and Norwegian food reviews coming to this site and instagram shortly. 

Unfortunately, tonight my MacBook charger has decided to die alongside my MacBook which refuses to let me type anything without a five minute lag. So for now I have my iPad to edit and create posts which is a pain. It’s so hard to create content on the iPad and edit as the onscreen keyboard is so small and annoying and any other keyboard for this is a pain to use. Furthermore,  it’s so difficult to add photos to posts on here to the point that I have just given up. This iPad is also quite old there isn’t a great deal of memory that comes with it so editing my videos might be a huge challenge. Either ways, if I can get my MacBook charger replaced I am hoping to be able delete some files from my MacBook and hopefully that will speed it up.

I suppose in the meantime it’s good that I am actually using my iPad as I’ve neglected it a lot since I finished my masters.

Nikki xo

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