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Hello everyone!  I've been meaning to most this for ages now but as my Macbook has been very temperamental lately I haven't been able to write this up. I was recently sent this Tigernut drink 'milk' from Viegan, which is a relatively new product. The brand are both vegetarian society and vegan society certified. Additionally, the brand are also an official Peta UK business partner. 

So what you must be thinking is 'what on Earth is a Tigernut? They are not actually nuts at all. As you can see from the packaging, this actually is completely nut free.  Tigernuts are actually tubers that grow underground. This is also gluten free which is great as more people can enjoy this drink. 

So far I have not tested this in coffee or tea as it is currently the summer and I don't really like to consume hot drinks in the summer as it is already warm enough. Instead, I have sampled this milk in my cereal that I eat religiously every day before I go to work. The first thing I noticed about this was the fact that the milk had an extremely milky consistency. It was in no way watery, or fake looking. In fact this had been probably one of the more creamier dairy free milks that I have tried. The consistency itself probably is closest or even thicker than the barista edition of Oatly oat milk. So if you're a fan of that then you would probably absolutely love this milk.

The taste was pleasant, creamy as stated above and had just the right sweetness. There is no added sugar to this minus sugar that is from fruit. Although this is the case, this was not overly sweet and if you like to put sugar on your cereal, you do not need to do so if you use this as this gives it a good sweetness. In terms of actual taste, I find it very hard to place the taste of this milk. It has a faint taste of almond to it with a slightly more earthy bite but other than that it is hard to describe what it closely resembles. Nonetheless, it was delicious and I am likely to buy this product in the future.

It's really great that more and more companies are coming up with great varieties of different milks for vegans and even those looking to reduce their dairy intake.

If you would like to learn more about their products you can find more on their website at the following link:

Nikki xo

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