Food: A new favourite in Chelsea, The Locals Cafe

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Hi everyone! I’ve been so busy this week with work so I am only getting around to posting about this. Last week Vyvy and I went down to the Locals Cafe in Chelsea which is a short walk away from Victoria station. It was a very cold day so once we were inside we were glad that it was warm and super cozy. Upon entry to the Cafe, the first thing you notice is how green it is. It’s literally an urban jungle.

The tables all have a rustic feel to them as they are made out of solid wood. The counter is covered in baked goods that you could smell from meters away. I don’t know exactly how to describe it but there was a true feeling of content that waved over me when I entered the cafe. 

Once we were sat at the table we asked for  some water for the table whilst we pondereld over their selection for brunch. The Cafe do quite a variety of  different brunch dishes,  everything from pancakes, salads and you favourite egg dishes ( a brunch classic).
Vyvy ordered and I both ordered a rose latte, hers had dairy in it whereas I on the other hand ordered f on the otheone with almond milk in it. For food, we couldn’t stray away from the appeal of their matcha pancakes although we were warned that there was a bit of a wait. Thankfully due to the poor weather outside we were not in a hurry to go anywhere

Shortly after ordering, both our rose lattes arrived. Both looked incredible and I wasn’t expecting there to be rose petals on top of them which made for a very nice touch. Naturally when they arrived we worked our way snapping a million photos with them. I loved how the coffee came in a big glass, that way I didn’t just gulp it all up immediately. The rose syrup was evident within the latte  without being too sweet or sickly.

Though we were told there was a wait for our pancakes, there really wasn’t that much of a wait. Before we knew it the pancakes were out. From far the pancakes looked small but really they were decently sized and looked incredibly filling. The pancakes themselves come in a tower of three matcha pancake, topped with yogurt, berries, a sprinkle of white chocolate and a drizzle of matcha sauce.

The pancakes were super fluffy, moist and the sauce reminded me of green tea kit kats. I’m not a fan of plain yogurt, but this tasted coconutty and together with the fruits made for a a sweet treat. In between each layer of pancake was a layer of blueberry jam which added to the deliciousness. As this was quite filling I actually had to take short breaks whilst eating this. Nevertheless, eventually I got to the end of the stack and I was so stuffed. Even Vyvy who is know for not being able to finish her food was able to eat literally everything she ordered as these were so good. Myself on the other hand not being a fan of white chocolate or plain yogurt I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. Overall, this dish was very tasty. I’d happily head back any time in the future again. I also recently found out that they deliver to my house on Uber eats so they’ll definitely be at the top of my list for a delivery soon.

* please note that we were offered a free meal in exchange for posts about their Cafe

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