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Hello Hello Hello Everyone!

Here's a post I have been dying to write for a week or so now but it got delayed as I missed the delivery for this these incredible headphones that I was kindly sent by RHA. I honestly have never been more excited in my life to receive a package through the post.  The lovely folks at RHA even sent a bar of chocolate and a face mask to go along with it. I mean what better way is there to sit back and relax whilst listening to your favourite album.

The headphones are a new white version of their acclaimed MA650 wireless headphones. Long gone for me are the days in which I have to struggle to untangle my headphones before plugging these into my phone. The fact that they work on bluetooth also means I don't have to worry about my phone weighing me down all the time whilst I go about doing my chores. The headphones are also sweat proof so if you are not like me (incredibly lazy) you can also make the most out of these by wearing them to your next workout. The battery life for these is 12 hours when fully charged which is great for people like me who are always on the go and very frequently forget to charge their devices.  From my initial glance at the packaging, probably the first thing that stood out to me was the fact that the product had a 3 year warranty which I thought was very generous considering that most products are only covered for a year. 

On to the design, this product is very practical. Although it looks a big heavier than your average Apple headphones it honestly does not feel that way and this wraps comfortably around the back of your neck. On the main body (wire bit) of the headphones there is the power button for turning the device on and off and syncing the headphones  and a volume control that also contains a microphone for when you want to make calls. The earbuds themselves are noise isolating  earbuds which cancel out any background noise making these perfect for when you are commuting and want to block out loud or irritating sounds. 
So far I have been using these for over a week now non-stop and I am very impressed by the quality of sound coming from these. Aside from the general sound quality, I also love how every time you turn these on, they automatically let you know how much battery you have left on them so no going out not knowing you have no battery left on them.
Overall, I think that this is an incredible product. It's a perfect gift for birthdays or even Christmas. If you're feeling it, treat yourself and head over to their site  for only £99.95

Nikki xo

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