Beauty: Colab Dry Shampoo Paradise

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Hello everyone, I'm back again with another review of my favourite Dry Shampoo brand. Everyone who has been reading this blog will know that COLAB dry shampoos have absolutely been one of my favourite dry shampoo brands. If you look through my blog I made an extensive post about their older range that used to be in Superdrug. Now it seems they have moved away from that and have launched a new range which comes in the most adorable packaging. I previously reviewed one of their other scents in the range which was called 'tropical' and you can read it here.

The formula of this product is exactly the same as the rest in the range and there are no signs of white residue in this either. With dark brown hair, I am always conscious when it comes to using dry shampoo as it often leaves white powder in my hair so having found this product has really changed up my hair game. Whilst on their website this product claims to be coconut scented (and you all know how much I don't like anything coconut scented) this does not strike me as overly coconutty? I mean don't get me wrong it smells amazing but I wouldn't say you can notice the coconut smell, to me it is probably more fruity and floral if anything.  Nonetheless, I absolutely love how this smells and works for me. In fact, the paradise and the tropical scents in this range are probably my favourites and I keep repurchasing these two to the extent I have yet to try the others. So stay tuned as I am going to make the effort to try others from this range.

Nikki xo

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